APR trailing unit is designed for pumpage and transportation of brines which form in potash mines due to condensation of moisture from the air that comes while ventilation of a working. The unit can also be used at the surface for pumpage of water and other fluids. The unit is a pull-type device of MTZ-82 tractor

The trailing unit for brine pumpage is a water pumping set with a tank mounted on the undercarriage and intended for collection, hauling and fluid discharge. Pumping-in and fluid discharge is to be carried out by pomp or an impeller pump.


Parameter Standard  
1 Tank capacity, m3, min 2,5
2 number of pumps, pcs 2
3 Type of pumping facility impeller pump UNK.00.00.00, slurry pomp НWP3-76
4 drive of pumps UNK 00.00.000 НWP3-76 hydraulic  tractor’s power-takeoff shaft (tractor’s hydraulics)
5 UNK pumping rate, m3/hour (at power-takeoff shaft of 1050 r/min, НWP3-76  (at flow rate of 30 l/min and pressure of 170 kg/cm2) 40 80
6 Mass, kg 1525
7 Overall dimensions in transport position (without tractor), mm, max  
- length 4230
 - height 2000
 - width 2000
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