We focus on the quality management

Quality management at the plant has always been given due attention. More than thirty years ago, at the end of the 70s of the previous century, the plant introduced an integrated product quality management system - CS UKP, which successfully functioned at the enterprise until the 90s. The development of market relations in our country has set the task for the plant to adapt to new work requirements, living conditions and ensure the stable quality of products and the fulfillment of contractual conditions. In May 1992, it was decided to develop a quality management system taking into account the requirements of the ISO 9000 international standards. The quality system developed on the basis of the requirements of the ISO 9001:1994 international standard functioned successfully and helped to maintain the position of the main Russian manufacturer of mining equipment in the most difficult years of perestroika.

Independent assessment: the enterprise is good at meeting the requirements of consumers

When in 2000 a new version of the international standards ISO 9000 was released, built on the modern philosophy of quality, new tasks were set for the plant: expanding sales markets, increasing competitiveness, and reducing production costs. To confirm compliance with the new standards, it was necessary to conduct regular independent external assessments of the company’s ability to meet the requirements of consumers, technical regulations, and regulatory documents.

At the end of 2005, representatives of the certification body TÜV International RUS TÜV RheinlandInterCert made a certification audit at the plant, as a result of which a certificate of compliance of the quality management system implemented at JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000 was issued.

We are constantly improving the quality management system

Being one of the leading enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering, JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” always focuses on the best world trends. With the release of new versions of international standards ISO 9000 series, first in 2008 and then in 2015, the company has consistently improved its quality management system and successfully confirmed its compliance with all the requirements. The quality management system of JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” is annually subjected to independent external assessments: recertification audits are held once every three years, supervisory audits (inspection checks) are carried out annually.

TÜV RheinlandCertGmbH is our reliable partner

Beginning from 2005 up to the present, the international certification body TÜV RheinlandCertGmbH is a reliable partner of JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant”, which assesses the compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of ISO standards, which at the same time, among other things, is accredited by the German national accreditation body DAkkS (DeutscheAkkreditierungsstelle) as a body for certification of management systems for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (quality management systems), ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management systems) and ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety management systems), etc.

Development of the quality management system

The results of the plant’s work in recent years show that the quality management system has allowed the company to achieve significant success in the production sector, to implement a number of new projects. Among the positive examples of the development of the quality management system are the following: the creation of service centers, the development of new types of products, the reconstruction of several production workshops, the technical re-equipment of production sites and, as a result, the expansion of the technological capabilities of the enterprise and the range of manufactured products. As part of the successfully functioning management system, much attention is paid to such issues as personnel training and maintaining a high level of employee competence, equipment maintenance and compliance with the requirements of design and technological documentation in the manufacturing of products. Efficient work in these areas with an ever-increasing volume of production of mining equipment makes it possible to reduce losses from defects in production and minimize the number of claims from consumers regarding the quality of manufactured equipment.

We analyze consumer reviews

JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” makes a systematic research and analysis of information on how the company’s products meet the requirements and expectations of consumers. Data collection is carried out by specialists of the technical service department and specialists of the special design bureau in the within the direct interaction with consumers. Customer satisfaction information is one of the most important inputs for management review and continuous improvement of the quality management system. Development programs of the plant are formed considering the needs and requirements of consumers. So, focusing on the needs and requirements of consumers, the company creates service centers located in different regions of Russia, implements measures to increase the service life of its products, and, if necessary, conducts technical audits of products with consumers, carries out installation supervision and overhauls of equipment manufactured by JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant”.

We are responsible for quality

The availability of the certificate of conformity of the quality management system of the enterprise with the requirements of ISO 9001 contributes to making the image of Joint-Stock Company “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” as a go-to, reliable partner responsible for the quality of its products, and who guarantees consumers that the production of equipment is carried out under the managed conditions in accordance with the best world practices.