28 november, 1941
The State All-Union Machine-Building plant named after S. M. Kirov is founded.
The plant manufactures cutting machines, pumps and ventilating fans.
1943 г.
Assembly of the new KMP coal cutter is completed in M-1 workshop
A group of the plant engineers develops and makes a new “KMP” Cutting Machine (High-Powered Pulsating Cutting Machine). For its design and development the Plant is granted a State (Stalin’s) Award, the first award at the plant and in the town.
Test of Abakumov’s machine, 40s
The first mining machines “Kirovets”, Abakumov’s”, “Makarov’s” are assembled.
The first in the USSR Walking Excavator (ESH-1) is assembled.
The first machines for export to Bulgaria, Poland and China are manufactured.
The Plant participates in the World Industrial Exhibition in Brussels (Belgium). The PK-3 road header presented there receives a Grand Gold Medal and a Diploma of Honor.
The Plant takes part in the Spring Fair of Leipzig in GDR. The PK-3 road header presented at the Fair receives a Gold Medal and a Diploma of Honor.
The Plant was decorated with a Labor Red Banner Order for “Team’s Early Realization of the 9th Five-Year Plan, Effective Development of New Mining Equipment and High Engineering and Economical Performance”.
The anniversary thousandth 2PNB2B Loader is assembled. It is manufactured with a suspended drilling rig. The use of such machines in the production association brings about radical changes in coal extraction technology, gives an impulse to mechanized machine mining. 
The Plant participates in the All-Russian Contest (“High Socially Efficient Russian Company”) and is awarded a Russian Federation Certificate of Merit “For Achievements in Social Work” by the Government of the Russian Federation. 
By the All-Russian Contest Secretariat decision “National Endowment-2007” the Kopeysk Machine-Building plant is awarded a Certificate of Merit “For Labor Exploits for the Good of Motherland and Serving the Ideals of Welfare and Charity”. For participation in the contest “The Best Employer 2007 arranging the labor of minor” the Administration of the Kopeysk Urban District renders appreciation to our plant which becomes a contest winner among the enterprises numbering over 500 persons. For the major contribution to development of the economy and social life of the town the plant is given an Honorary Badge “In Favor of Kopeysk”. As a result of investigation in the sphere of governance and provision of the needed product quality our plant is mentioned by a Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Industry and Natural resources of the Chelyabinsk Region and the Quality Council under the Governor.
For constant participation in the international Coal Forum the plant receives the letter of appreciation and for making of KP21-02 road header which is recognized as one of the best exhibits it gains an award and a diploma of the exhibition. JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” is included in the “Reliable reputation” register. The company is awarded a commemorative medal and a certificate for the right to use the numbered logo “Reliable Reputation”. The roadheader “Ural-20R” becomes the winner of the project “100 Best Goods of Russia” in 2008.
According to the results of the 12th All-Russian Contest “100 Best Products of Russia” in nomination “Industrial goods” the KP21 road header is awarded the highest rank “Laureate”. At the XVI International Specialized Exhibition for Mining Technologies “Coal of Russia and Mining-2009” (Novokuznetsk) the Kopeysk Machine-Building plant has got the letter of appreciation for honorable representation of products designed for coal-and salt producing companies. The plant traditionally participates in the work of Kuzbass International Coal Forum whereby the exhibition-fair of coal technologies was held (Kemerovo). The measuring bin BDS16 is recognized as one of the best exhibits among the products of 150 enterprises. The first degree diploma given to the representatives of the Kopeysk Machine-Building plant is the evidence of this fact. The expert council of the interregional Entrepreneurs’ Organization in connection with the high achieved activity results nominates the Kopeysk Machine-Building plant to obtaining the premium and rank “Enterprise of the Year”. 
The Present Day of the Plant

The company guarantees its customers on-time delivery of products, constantly improving its quality.

The company pays particular attention to service assistance of equipment operated by consumers. The plant’s specialists provide technical assistance during the installation and commissioning of new equipment, train mining machine operators and the staff of the maintenance services. Representative offices of the plant and consignment warehouses of spare parts were set up in the number of regions.

The plant is firmly committed to stable development.