JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” is the unique system of modern diversified industries ranging from steelmaking to assembly of the most sophisticated machines including its own metallurgic facilities, preparation shops and production facilities.

It is the largest Russian manufacturer of mining equipment for underground exploitation of coal, potash ore and rock salt which manufactures and supplies to the customers over 50 types of mining and mineral-processing equipment, driving machines, loaders, drill loaders and shearers, heading-and-winning machines, self-propelled drilling rigs, mineral-processing equipment and general machinery products.

The machines with the plant emblem mark are operated in all the coal-basins of CIS. The miners of over 30 far abroad countries are very well acquainted with machinery produced by JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant”. The plant machines also work at potash mines of Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. In Russia they produce over 90% of potash ore and the most part of rock salt extracted by underground method. Over 70% of total number of machines used for development heading are manufactured at JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant”. Community facilities and road builders of Russia are well acquainted with the plant machinery.