The stage loader is designed for ore loading from storage hoppers to belt conveyors in potash mines. It is manufactured with electric installation rated for 660 V, current frequency of 50 Hz and is to be used in underground workings of potash mines where formation of explosive mixtures of 1 category, T 1 group as per GOST Р51330.11 – 99 is possible in У5 conditions in accordance with GOST 15150-69.


Main parameters and dimensions Standard
1 Chute width of a stage loader, mm 1250
2 Stage loader capacity, m3 2+0,3
3 Speed of chain motion, m/s 0,4
4 Nominal power, kW 30
5 Overall dimensions, mm, max Length 5000
width 2135
height 1000
6 Mass, kg, max 4220
7 Mass of delivery set, kg, max 4430
8 Motor, type ВРП В 180М4 У2,5
VRP V 180M4 U25
power,kW 30
voltage, V 660
rotations, r/min 1500
  1. power-drive station – 1
  2. receiving section – 1
  3. end section – 1
  4. scraper chain – 1 
  5. set of spare parts 7100.00.050 – 1
The set of spare parts and the certificate are packed in a box.
The list of spare parts is in the packing list (it is in SPTA box).

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