The equipment could be used in town development, farm building and transportation management for making different types of earthworks.:

2086.31.00.000 soil-cutter is designed for:

  • trench opening so as to lay communication lines and power lines, laying of pipelines and other routes of communication;
  • works on limestone and sandstone cutting
  • slot cutting 140 mm wide so as to loosen frozen and hard soil up to IV category and soil abrasivity of up to 10 mg (while fitting of base cutting chain 2086.01.02.060) for carrying out earth works..
In addition 2086.01.02.050-01 cutting chains could be supplied with cutting slot width of 270 mm or 2086.01.02.050 chains with cutting slot width of 400 mm in soils of the II category and soil abrasivity of up to 10 mg. The above chains are to be fitted at a soil-cutter instead of a base chain without any additional alterations


Tractor base version MTZ-82 **
Cutting chain travel speed (at rate speed of power-takeoff shaft n=540 r/min), m/s 0,89
control range of tractor travel speed with an active reduction gear, km/h from 1,89 to 0
Cutting trench  width (slot), mm 140, 270*, 400*
Depth of a trench to be cut, max, mm 2000
Operating hydraulic system pressure, MPa 12,5
Capacity (at normal conditions), m/min 1
Overall dimensions, mm, length over cutting unit 7900
Height over cutting unit of a graph 3600
Length over cutting unit of a graph 8500
Mass of equipment, kg 1685
*2086.01.02.050 Н=400 mm cutting chain and 2086.01.02.050-01 Н=270 mm cutting chain are supplied against additional order and for separate charge.
**Tractor MTZ-82 base version should provide a means for connection of a reduction gear. The tractor is not included in the delivery set.

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