The equipment could be used in town development, farm building and f transportation management for making different types of earthworks.

The 2086.51.00.000 soil-cutter is designed for

  • trench opening so as to lay communication lines and power lines, laying of pipelines and other routes of communication;
  • slot cutting 280 mm wide so as to loosen frozen and hard soil up to IV category and soil abrasivity of no more than 10 mg.


Base tractor version MTZ-1221* (MTZ-1221) *
Cutting chain travel speed (at rate speed of power-takeoff shaft n=540; 1050 r/min), m/s 1,95; 3,78
Control range of tractor travel speed with an active reduction gear, km/h from 1,89 to 0
Cutting trench  width (slot), mm 280
Depth of a cutting trench, max, mm 1700
Operating hydraulic system pressure, MPa 12,5
Capacity (at normal conditions), m/min 1
Overall dimensions, mm: length over cutting unit 3800
width over worm screws 1340-1480
height over cutting unit 1280
Mass of equipment, kg 2200

*Tractor MTZ-1221 base version should provide a means for connection of a reduction gear. The tractor is not included in the delivery set!

As may be required loss of speed is possible by factor of 2. This is achieved by remounting of 2 adapter gears connecting the tractor with the reduction gear.

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