The UVK support setting unit is designed for mechanized setting of screw roof bolting in potash mine workings aerated due to mine ventilating pressure drop

The unit represents the following items mounted on the undercarriage:

  • manipulator mechanism with a rock drill,
  • blast-hole blowing system,
  • power pack,
  • cable drum,
  • electric installation,
  • hydraulic system
The unit embodiment provides bore hole drilling and setting of a screw-in anchor into a drilled bore hole after a rock drill swivel


Parameter Value
Diameter of drilling, mm 26/42
Drilling depth, m 1,7/1,9
feed thrust, N 5000
Height of a supported working, m, min - max 2,54,8
Electric drive, alternating current, voltage, V 660
Installed power, kW 15
Mass, t 6
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