“Ural-10КR heading-and-winning machine is intended for longwall operation and driving of oval- arch-shaped workings in potash ore seams2,3-2,6 m thick at dip angles of up to ± 12° at rock resistance to cutting of up to Ар=450 H/mm.

The machine is designed for operation in macroclimatic regions with moderate climate in (У version), 5 category for ambient temperatures ranging from plus 5 to plus 35С° in accordance with GOST15150.

The machine is used for driving of 8,8; 9,4; 10,5 m2 workings. It is rated for operating voltage of 660 V or 1140 V with current frequency of 50Hz.

Three versions of the machine are available which differ one from another due to use of different cutting disks and types of a scraper chain of the conveyor:

  • – cutting disks 1020 mm in diameter with RS14 cuter and round-link scraper chain
  • – cutting disks 1040 mm in diameter with RKS cutter and bushing-roller chain
  • – cutting disks 1030 mm in diameter


Main parameters and dimensions Value
Technical rated capacity at rock resistance to cutting of Ар=450 H/mm, t/tmin, min 5,0
Maximum travel speed of machine while maneuvering, m/s (m/min) 0,05 (3,0)
Total motors power of the machine, kW, max 526
Total nominal rating power of the main operating member, kW, max 309
Type of operating member planetary-disk
Height of working, m 2300...2600
Overall dimensions, mm, max  
-length 12500
-width over side cutters 4100
  - height in operating position 2300...2600
Mass of delivery set, t, max 66
Mass of machine, t, max 63
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