The "Ural-20R" heading-and-winning machine is designed for longwall operation in сhambers and driving of oval-arch shaped workings in potash ore seams with thickness of 3.0-3.7 m at dip angles of ± 12° and rock resistance to cutting of up to Аp=450 H/mm.

The machine is designed for operations in macroclimatic regions with temperate climate and is produced in accordance with GOST 15150 Standard (version Y, category 5) for ambient temperature ranges of +5 to +35°С.

Modification “Ural – 20R-11” with disc plates for cutters RS14U.

Modification “Ural – 20R-12” with disc plates for cutters PS.


Main parameters and dimensions Standard

Rated capacity at rock resistance to cutting of Ар=450 Н/mm, t/min, min 8.0
Maximum travel speed of the machine, m/min 4.0
Total nominal rating power of the motors of the machine, kW, max 710
Total nominal rating power of motors of the main operating member, kW, max 395
Type of operating member planetary-disk
Height of working, m 3.1
Type of cutters RS14U, PS
Overall dimensions, mm, max  
- length 12000
- width over side cutters 5100
- height over operating member 3100
Mass of delivery set, t, max 112
Mass of machine, t, max 110
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