The machine is designed for operations in macroclimatic regions with temperate climate and is produced in accordance with GOST 15150 Standard (version Y, category 5) for ambient temperature ranges of +5 to +35°С.

The two versions of the machine are available which differ from each other with cutting disks types of the operating member, drill rigs and dust suppression system.


Main parameters and dimensions Standard
Technical rated capacity at rock resistance to cutting  of Ap=450 H/mm, min 3,0
Maximum travel speed of the machine, m/min 3,0
Total nominal rating power of motors of the machine, kW, max 415 430
Total nominal rating power of motors of the main operating member, kW, max 230
Type of operating member three-rayed planetary-disk type
Size of workings  
  - section area, m2 8,7 8,0
- height, m 3,2 3,0
- width, m 3,0
Type of cutters RS-14 RKS-1
Overall dimensions, mm, max  
- length 11200
- width over side cutters 3050 2950
Mass of delivery set, t, max 58,7 58
Mass of machine, t, max 56,5 56
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