The V17K pneumatic-tire shuttle mine car is designed for ore, coal and other minerals’ transportation from the face to mine district transport facilities. The car can be used in gas (methane) and dust-hazardous underground mine workings not less than 2.4 m high and 3 m wide.
The car body is equipped with a double-speed scraper conveyor and, besides that, the body itself can go up to 1.7 m high that enables to sufficiently reduce the time of unloading to other mine transport facilities.
The undercarriage is provided with six pneumatic tires and four of them are electrically-driven running wheels and two - industrial castors that ensure superior riding qualities and high maneuvering capabilities of the car.
The car body is manufactured in sections which sufficiently facilitates its lowering into the mine.


Parameters Value
Load-carrying capacity, t 17
Body capacity, m3 10,7
Maximum travel speed, km/h 9
Turning radius over external dimensions, m 9
Road clearance, mm 300
Maximum gradeability, degree + 12
Discharge height 400 –1700
Drive: electric, alternating current  
voltage, V 660
Total motors’ nominal power, kW 132
Cable drum capacity, m 220
Overall dimensions, mm: -length 9000
- width 2680
- height 1670
Mass, t 19
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