The KP21-150 Road Header is designed for mechanized breakage and loading of mined rock when driving of horizontal and inclined ±18° workings, dangerous by coal and dust, by building of underground constructions and developing of ore /nonmetallic deposits of minerals.

The machine provides road heading of arched, trapezoidal and rectangular-shaped workings with cross sections of 10 to 32 m2 in coal and rocks having uniaxial compression strength ≤ 100 MPa and abrasivity index up to 15 mg as per Baron L. and Kusnetsov A. measuring systems.

The machine is able to work together with different reloader types (e.g. loading cranes, underslung cranes etc.), scraper conveyors and shuttle cars.

The cutting member of the machine is equipped with cross-axial cutting drums, telescopic extending boom and air-to-water spraying system in order to lower the dust formation and to provide explosion protection against frictional sparking. The cutting drums have different modifications depending on rock strength.

The undercarriage of the road header represents crawler trucks having separate hydraulic drives for each of the crawlers, which provide high maneuverability of the machine.

The loading unit has separate, kinematic independent hydraulic drives and separate control of each gathering element.

Simple design and the application of modern sealing, having high dust protection grade, provide faultless run of the block.

On your request it is possible to equip the road header with a loading unit having active wideners, which allow extending of the loading area, loading sprockets or gathering arms.

Hydraulic drives of the run and of the loading unit allow exploiting the road header with in watered working faces.

The machine has a scraper chain conveyor with turntable tail section, designed for loading of the broken rock mass to the face conveyor or to the shuttle cars.

The control system has a function of registering of working parameters of the machine.

The machine has equipment for connection of auxiliary hydraulic equipment (e.g. hydraulic drilling device, hydraulic tools etc.).

The machine is equipped with a mounting area, folding or telescopic support lifter.

The support lifter has a blocking device and makes the support erection process convenient and safe


Description Value
Mass, t 52
Total power of electric motors installed, kW 239
Power of cutting member motor, kW 150
Rated capacity, m³/min 0,3-2,0
Maximal cutting member boom span, m: 
– over mine face width  7,3
– over mine face height 4,6
Specific floor pressure, МPa  0,17
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:
– Length, conveyor turntable tail end inclusive   12500
– Width over tracks 2100
– height over machine body  1850
Cutting member
Cutting member extension value, mm 500
Loading unit
Feeder table width, m 2,4 / 3,4 / 3,6 - 4,3
Drive type hydraulic
Machine travelling speed, m/min 1,2 / 10
Track width, mm 500
Ground clearance, mm 250
Channel width, mm 550
Drive motor power, kW 30
Hydraulic system
Rated pressure, MPa 18
Pumping unit drive motor power, kW 55
Electric equipment
Control system Remote radio control
Rated voltage, V 660 or 1140
Current frequency, Hz 50
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