The MPK3B side-dump loader with attached drilling implements is designed for face drilling of horizontal and inclined up to 12º workings and loading of mined rock loosened by drilling-and-blasting technique or some other method into cars, conveyor and other transport facilities as well as for delivery of the materials to a working face area, for hoisting of tie bars and backfilling materials.


Basic parameters and dimensions Standard
Rated capacity, m3/min, min 2,4
Bucket capacity, m3, min 1
Overall dimensions in transport position  
: mm, max  
- length (without attached drilling equipment) 5200
-length (with attached drilling equipment) 9300
-width (over chain tracks) 1450
-height (without canopy сap) 1600
  -height (with canopy cap) 2200
Mass, t, max  
 - machine (without drilling equipment) 10
- delivery set (without drilling equipment) 12,8
- machine (with drilling equipment) 12
 delivery sets (with drilling equipment) 14,8
Loading element  
Type Bucket
Maximum height, mm, max 4100
Maximum height of the lower bucket edge 1950
while unloading, mm
Maximum dipping of a bucket edge beneath 250
floor level, mm
Loading height, mm, min 1600
Type Crawler-tracked
Type of drive Hydraulic
independent for each track chain
Type of hydromotor: axialy piston-like hydromotor  
non-adjustable 310.  
Specs 4141-011-00239882-2006  
Q-ty, pcs 2
Travel speed, m/s, max 0,8
Clearance, mm, min 190
Drilling equipment  
bore hole diameter, mm 40-43
Drilling head feed, m 2,5
Return movement maximum speed  
drilling head, m/s 0,1
Drilling head spindle rotary speed, 400
r/min, max
Drilling head feed thrust, kN  
Electric installation  
Version RB,3VIa
Power supply voltage, V 380, 660
installed power, kW 55
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