KP21road header is designed for mechanized breakage and loading of mined rock when driving of horizontal and inclined ±12° workings.

The following road header versions are available:

  • KP21-00 – base version of the header;
  • KP21-01 – the header completed with bridge loader;
  • KP21-02 – remote control header
  • KP21-02 – remote control header completed with bridge loader


Characteristic name KP21 KP21-01 KP21-02 KP21-03
Rated capacity, not less than  
in coal and rock σcompr.. ≤ 20 MPa m³/min 2
in rock with hardness σcompr=100 MPa, m³/min 0,3
Upper limit of ultimate strength of broken rocks, MPa 100
Form of working section any except round
Section of workings, m2 10-28
Size of working in the rough  
Height, m 4,5
Width, m (from one unit) 6,5
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm max:  
length 12500
width 2100
height over operating member 1850
height over body 1750
Mass of header, t 46
Mass of loader, t  
Operating unit telescopic boom with longitudinally-axial bit
Electromotor power, kW 110
Cutting tool PS2-16
Size of telescopic separation, mm, min 500
Loading unit feeder with gathering arms or sprockets
Width of feeder table, mm 3400
Conveyor scraper, reversible conveyor with one or two drives
Electromotor power, kW 30 or 2Х15
Undercarriage hydraulic drive
Travel speed, m/min  
working speed (with loading) 1,2
creep speed (without loading) 3,5
expedite speed up to 9
Width of crawler tracks, mm 500
Clearance, mm 250
Specific floor pressure, MPa, max 0,15
Hydraulic pressure, MPa 16
Electric installation  
Power supply voltage, V 660 or 1140
Total electromotors power, kW 189
Dust suppression system with water supply to a breakage area
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