MPK3 side dump loader is designed for loading of mined rock loosened by drilling-and-blasting technique into cars, conveyor and other transport facilities as well as for delivery of the materials to a working face area, for setting of capping, hoisting of tie bars and backfilling materials.

The loader is used for driving of horizontal and inclined up to ±120 workings in rocks with strength of up to fЈ16 as per professor M. Protodiakonov’s scale in mines including gas and dust-hazardous ones, with finished cross section of no less than:

  • 14.4 m2 while car loading
  • 10. 3 m2 while belt conveyor loading
  • 6. 4 m2 while scraper conveyor loading

The loaders are manufactured in climatic version У for regions with moderate climate for ambient temperatures ranging from 5° to 35°С.

The operating voltage of the loader is rated for 660 V or 380 V against customer’s order.

The MPK3 loader is characterized with a number of technical solutions which provided considerable advantages over bucket machines previously manufactured by the domestic industry

Availability of centerpoint suspension for the undercarriage provides horizontal position of the bucket while head-on impact (lump of rock) thereby providing efficient bucket load.

Hydraulic drive for both chain tracks provides great crowd force while loading enabling machine operation in water flooded faces.

A special device fitted at the bucket provides setting of arched support capping

The chute rearranging from one side of the bucket to another provides bucket dumping to both sides of the machine.

Thanks to these features as well as due to high reliability and simplicity of maintenance the MPK3 loader was in great demand in the USSR. These machines were of special demand in the mines of Donbass and Lugansk Region where the technology of muck removal from the face using bucket machines was widely spread.


Characteristic name Value
Technical rated capacity, m3/min 2,4
Overall dimensions, mm
-width (over crawlers)

Loading member
- maximum lump size of rock to be loaded, mm
Maximum dipping of bucket edge below the floor level, mm 250
Grasp, mm 1900
Bucket capacity, m3 1
  • type
  • type of drive

Travel speed, m/s no more than 0.8
Power, kW 55
Mass, kg   no more than 1000
Mass of delivery set, kg no more than 1200
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