The UBSH-210A crawler mounted mine drilling rig with one boring machine of rotational type having an electric drill bit is designed for short-hole drilling in shaly and coal mines including gas-and dust-hazardous mines. The use of the rig in seams prone to sudden outbursts is prohibited.

Three versions of UBSH210A are available: UBSH210A, UBSH210A-03 (with shortcut feed) for drilling of face bore holes in chambers and longwalls of shaly mines in rocks where hardness is f= 2-4 and UBSH10A-02 for drilling of bore holes when driving of horizontal and inclined up to±12° development workings in coal; mines in rocks with strength of up to fЈ8.


Characteristic name UBSH210A UBSH210A-02 UBSH210A-03
Technical rated capacity, m/h, min 105 60  
Size of face to be drilled, min – height
 - width
Drill bit feed, m 2,5±0,05 1,8±0,05
Travel speed, km/h, min 1,05  
Angle of elevation in transport position, degree, min 12º 10º
Maximum slope of working, degree, up to ±12
Maximum outer turning radius, m, max 4,0

- width
- height
- length

Mass of rig, kg 6000  
Mass of delivery set, kg, max 6600  
Spindle rotational speed, с-1±10% 25;20 5.3;11.6 5,3; 10,6; 25
Maximum feed thrust, H (kgf), min 9800 (1000) 14700 (1500) 9800 (1000).
Cutter bit diameter, mm 44 42-43  
Nominal power of drill bit drive’s motor, kW 11  
Total motors’ rated power, kW 33,5  
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