MPN (MPNB) drill-loader with twin gathering arms is designed for mined rock loading using drill and fire technique for driving of horizontal and inclined (up to ±12°) workings with rock hardness of up to 12 units as per professor M. Protodiakonov’s scale.

The MPNB version of the machine is equipped with suspended drilling equipment completed with electric and pneumatic (replaceable) drilling devices that provides drilling in hard (up to 12 units) faces.

The machine can be used in gas-and dust-hazardous mines.

The “Y” version of the machine is designed for operation in temperate climate regions with temperature range of 5 to 35°C.

The operating voltage of the machine is rated for 660 V and 380 V (by special customer’s order).

The MPNB drill-loader is a further development of continuous loaders with twin gathering arms. In the course of its development the operating experience of PNB type loaders was taken into consideration and all the defects typical of those machines were eliminated.

The MPNB machines proved themselves to be highly reliable and convenient in operation.

The reduction gears having a reduced diameter of output shaft seal used in the design of a gathering element and the bevel gearing of the second shaft have eliminated the main drawback of 1PNB2 and 2PNB2 machines, i.e. clogging of reduction gears’ arms, and as a consequence – breakdown of bearings and reduction gears.

Hydraulic drives of the undercarriage along with the increased clearance provide reliable operation in water-flooded workings.

The workstation of MPNB machine is equipped with a driver’s chair ensuring comfort and safety while operation.

Self-contained power packs with three pumps provide operation of the hydraulic system having an output to be connected with the manual drilling device used for anchoring of UBG, hydraulic hammer and other hydraulically actuated facilities.

For more than 65 years the equipment manufactured by JSC "Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant" has been used in severe conditions of mining industry. Its main features are high profitability, reliability and simplicity.


Characterisric name Value
Rated capacity – in loading, m3/min, min, in drilling, m/h, min 3,2- 348
Installed motor power, kW 78,5 89,5
Maximum travel speed, m/min 11 11
Turning angle of conveyer boom in plane, degree ±40 ±40
Maximum height of drilling, m - 4,5
Diameter of drilling bore holes, mm - 42
Drill-rod speed of rotation, rpm - 322/700
Maximum lump size of loading mined rock, mm 500 500
Specific ground pressure, MPa, max 0,077 0,086
Overall dimensions, mm –width-height-length 200012509000 200023009000
Mass, t 12,5 15
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