Road-heading machine KP330

The KP330 road-heading machine is designed for mechanized breaking and loading of mined rock in horizontal and inclined up to ±18° mine workings in mines dangerous for gas, dust and oil shows, as well as for sudden rock, coal and gas outbursts.

The machine can be used for constructing underground structures, for mining operations and processing of solid minerals.

The machine can drive arched, trapezoidal and rectangular workings, with cross-section of 16 to 50 m² in coal and rock, with uniaxial compression strength ≤ 130 MPa and abrasiveness index up to 30 mg.

The machine can operate along with belt conveyors, drag conveyors and shuttle cars.

The cutting actuator of the machine is equipped with cross axial cutting drums, a telescopic boom, a dust suppression system to reduce dust formation and provide explosion protection against friction sparks as well as a closed-type system for cooling the actuator.

The machine undercarriage is a caterpillar truck with a separate hydraulic drive for each caterpillar and provides the machine with high maneuverability.

The loading tool has separate, kinematically unconnected hydraulic drives and control for each gathering element.

Hydraulic drives of the undercarriage, a loading tool and the application of special glands allow the machine to work trouble-free in watered faces.

The conveyor of the machine is of a drag type, with a rotating tail section for loading broken rock mass onto the face conveyor or self-propelled vehicles. The conveyor belts are reinforced with wear-resistant sheets.

The control system has the function of registering parameters of the machine operation. The machine is equipped with a mounting platform and a telescopic face support jack system. The face support jack system has a locking device and makes the job of support setting convenient and safe.

The machine can be completed with:

  • one or two-drive conveyor;

  • a bridge-type loader;

  • automatic central lubrication system.


Description Parameters
Weight,t 130
Installed power of motors, kW 547
Power of the cutting actuator motor, kW 330
Capacity, m³/min:
–in coal 3.0
–in rock of σ ≤ 130 MPa 0.3
Mean specific ground pressure, MPa 0.18
Overall dimensions in travelling position, mm:
–length 15 000
–width (over tracks) 3 200
–height over the machine frame 2 400
Cutting actuator cross axial cutting drums
Cutting actuator extension, mm 650
Loading tool
Loading tray width, m 3.5 or 4.5
Drive type hydromechanical
Travel speed of the machine, m/min
–Creep speed 10
–Operating speed 2.5
Track width, mm 900
Clearance, mm 250
Trough width, mm 650
Height of the pass-through hole in the machine frame,mm 550
Motor drive power, kW 2×22
Hydraulic system
Max pressure, MPa 20
Driving motor power of the pump station, kW 160
Electric equipment
Control system Radio remote control
Rated voltage, V 1140
Current frequency, hz 50
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