Road-heading machine KP150

The KP150 road-heading machine is designed for mechanized breaking and loading of mined rock driving in horizontal and inclined (to ±18°) mine workings with arched, trapezoidal and rectangular-shaped, with cross-section of 10 to 35 m² when building underground structures in mines, as well as in gas and dust-hazardous ones and with sudden outbursts of rock, coal and gas.

When carrying out workings with an angle of inclination greater than plus 18 °, the machine should be equipped with positioning devices.

The working height is minimum 2.4 m, width is 3.9 m. The maximum working height is 5.2 m, the width is 6.75 m. The ultimate strength of the cut rock for uniaxial compression is σ≤100 MPa and abrasiveness index is 15 mg according to Baron’s and Kuznetsov’s coefficient. The rock size of the loaded rock mass is not more than 300 mm.

The machine can operate along with loaders of various types (bridge, suspension, etc.), drag conveyors and shuttle cars.

The background temperature during the machine operation should be in the range from + 5 to + 35 ºС. The sole in the bottom hole should not be prone to turning mushy and allow specific pressures up to 0.14 MPa. In the working it is necessary to have a water supply system, which ensures the supply of clarified water in the amount of not less than 110 l/min.

Ventilation of the mine is provided according to the norms approved for the given mine, as well as approved for specific mining and geological conditions. The aeration in the face must not exceed the initial dust content of more than 1 mg / m³.

In accordance with clause 7.3.1 and Annex 10 RD 05-350-00, the use of manually operated machines in specific face conditions in layers dangerous for sudden outbursts of coal, rock and gas is possible only by agreement with local authority of Rostekhnadzor. The buyer of the machine gets the permission for the use of manually-operated roadheader in specific face conditions for layers dangerous for sudden outbursts of coal, rock and gas.

The road-heading machine KP150 can be manufactured as agreed with the customer in the following versions:

KP150-00 – a roadheader with remote control;

KP150-01 – a roadheader with remote control and a belt conveyor of bridge type supplied.


Description Parameters
KP150-00 KP150-01
Weight,t 54.5 60.5
Installed power of motors, kW 229
Power of the cutting actuator motor, kW 150
Capacity, m³/min:
–in coal 2.5
–in rock of σ ≤ 100 MPa 0.2
Max amplitude of the cutting actuator boom,m
–by face width


–by face height 5.2
Mean specific ground pressure, MPa
Overall dimensions in travelling position,mm:
–length with a conveyor turning tail section 12.5
–width (over tracks) 2.53
–height over the machine frame 1,91
Cutting actuator
Type of the cutting actuator longitudinally rotating cutting head
Cutting actuator extension, mm 500
Loading tool
Loading tray width, m 3.4/3.6–4.3
Drive type hydraulic
Travel speed of the machine,m/min 1.2/10
Track width, mm 600
Clearance, mm 250
Trough width, mm 550
Height of the pass-through hole in the machine frame,mm 400
Motor drive power, kW 2×15
Hydraulic system
Max pressure, MPa 180
Driving motor power of the pump station, kW 45
Electric equipment
Control system Radio remote control
Rated voltage, V 660 or 1140
Current frequency, hz 50
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