The management information and control system is functioning and developing at the plant and is aimed at efficient and prompt decision of productive-economic issues. It covers all the trends of operational and commercial activities and solves the manufacturing control problems for blank preparing and machine-assembly works, as well as such problems as: supply of materials and machinery, sales of final products, business accounting, financing activity, salary accounting, organization of governmental accounting, personnel inventory and analysis, automation-equipped working places in workshops and divisions, plant-wide information-computer network.

Product development is carried out at the design engineers’ automation-equipped working places, provided with Solid Works Professional and KOMPAS 3-D design license systems)..
The production planning is carried out by Production Manager Department experts using ADEM computer-aided system for design-engineering documentation.

The JSC “KMBP” hardware includes over 500 differently integrated personal computers, 7 server computers using local data processing network for production management, IP-telephony and fire security alarm, INTERNET, dozens of laser printers, scanners, plotters, etc.

A new organization department was founded at the plant in 2003 – integrated information management system group implementation. Its main goal is implementation of the plant-wide information computer network. The installation of the main informational ring which covers all the plant’s divisions and is based on fiber-optic cable was completed at the present moment, and the work on connecting it to the end-users network is going on.

The development prospect of the integrated information system at the JSC “KMBP” is the introduction of MRP2 “RESURS-MASTER” information system based on the system of data-base management (SUBD) that has just been implemented and is solving the new problems of plant management on the basis of modern computer technologies.

At the plant, at the center of personnel training, under the auspices of “Unimatic” company, the interactive courses have been arranged aimed at study of processes for technological programming of lathe and milling operations using numerically controlled machines equipped with up-to-date systems such as Sinumerik 810/840D and FANUC 21 and for practical development of master programs for modern numerically controlled systems using visual representation of processing methods including 3-D simulation of lathe and milling operations enabling the students to get practical skills and habits, and, using educational control panels, to work with numerically controlled machines in different modes of operation.