The Central Plant Laboratory (CPL)

The Central Plant Laboratory (CPL) is an important link in the system of plant’s output product quality control. The Laboratory maintains quality inspection of primary goods, materials, seem-finished products, final products and their conformance to operating and technical standards.

The Central Plant Laboratory comprises seven primary testing laboratories:
  • chemical laboratory
  • spectral laboratory
  • mechanical laboratory
  • metallographic laboratory
  • coating and oil laboratory
  • nondestructive inspection and diagnostic laboratory
  • sanitary-industrial laboratory
Chemical and spectral laboratory
The chemical and spectral laboratories carry out initial check of rolled metal that comes to the plant from other enterprises. Using DSF-51 vacuum spectrometer the spectral laboratory conducts snap of steel and cast iron chemistry at the foundry shop. The chemical laboratory carries out initial quality check of ferrous-based alloys and liquid glass used for foundry operations. It also controls chemical composition of galvanic electrolytes, powder metallurgy materials, non-ferrous alloys and endogas used while heat-treating operations.
Mechanical laboratory

The mechanical laboratory runs traction, bend and impact-viscosity physical testing of steel, iron and bronze castings’ samples. A new universal testing machine Inspekt- 250 кN (Germany) was procured in 2007 and the impact testing machine IMPACT P300 (Spain) in 2013 for this purpose.

The mechanical laboratory also runs traction testing of mining equipment components (track links, cams, shackles, chain anchors and chain links), compression test of springs, mechanical strength test of cutters and pliers, strain and twist test of wire. Rubber and rubber components also pass the physical test. Hardness of rolled steel, castings and production are measured by fixed and portable hardness testers

Metallographic laboratory
The metallographic laboratory carries out steel and iron micrographic investigations, measures thickness of plating, analyses imperfections of thermal and other hot type treatment of steel, determinates the breakage cause of equipment components and tools.
Laboratory of oils and coatings

The coating and oil laboratory carries out initial check of oils, lubricants, coating materials that come to the plant. A new liquid thermostat was procured in 2006 for determining viscosity of oil products.

The laboratory checks composition of emulsions, washing, deoiling and passivating solutions as well as preservative compounds. It carries out pilot survey to introduce more qualitative petroleum, oil, and lubricants, coating materials and electroplated coatings.
Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics

The nondestructive inspection and diagnostic laboratory carries out ultrasonic, electrical potential and liquid penetrant testing of parts as well as vibration-based diagnostics of mining equipment components. An UD 2-70 ultrasonic flaw detector determining location and conventional size of discontinuities of metal and welds.

The laboratory is certified in the following fields:

  1. Name of equipment (objects)::
    • Lifting facilities

    • Cargo cranes

    • Hoists (rigs)

    • Equipment for the metallurgy

    • Gudgeon journals of ladle trucks, steel ladles, casting ladles

  2. Types (methods) of non-destructive testing
    • Ultrasonic:
      • ultrasonic flaw detection
      • ultrasonic thickness measurement
    • By penetrants
      • capillary
      • Visual and measuring
Sanitary and Industrial Laboratory

The sanitary-industrial laboratory carries out chemical analysis inspection of waste waters discharged by the plant, working air and industrial release into the atmosphere. It conducts measurements of noise level, vibration and microclimate factors at the working site. It also maintains efficiency control of all gas-and-dust-trapping units of the plant.

The laboratory has successfully passed the status monitoring of measurements in gas-and-dust flows from stationary sources of pollution.

Metrological Service

The Chief Metrologist division structure comprises the following specialized measurement laboratories:

  • Laboratory for measuring of electric, thermotechnical values and SI pressure, flow and gas rate;
  • Laboratory for measurement of geometric values,
  • Laboratory for measuring of mechanical quantities and mass.

which make repairs, preparation for check and calibration of measuring devices; carry out precise measurements, participate in commissions on certification, approval, accreditation and licensing of activity of some plant subdivisions.

In its activity the Chief Metrologist division is guided by the needed regulatory documents and instructional guidelines regulating the methods of problems solution on metrological provision of production-support work. the check, calibration test of measuring devices are carried out in accordance with all the requirements of the needed regulatory documentation.


The metrological service laboratories have the industrial standards needed for check and calibration.

The technical equipage of the laboratories with up-to date equipment enables to conduct check, calibration of temperature measurement, pressure, rate, mass, mechanical, geometric and electrical quantities (over 17 thousand units) of test facilities and running equipment (37 stands) for quality control at all the stages of fabrication, so as to carry out all the works at an adequately high level.

All Chief Metrologist division technical and engineering employees are high efficiency experts and have certificates for the right of checking (calibration) of measuring devices and tests; they are regularly trained and improve their skill at the accredited and licensed educational scientific centers of Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg etc.

The testing laboratory

The testing laboratory is intended for certification of mining equipment. It carries out certification tests of mining equipment with participation of experts of certification authorities for conformity to specified safety requirements for the products within the scope of accreditation.

In 2015 the testing laboratory for the fifth time was accredited for the supplementary period by the Federal Service for Accreditation (order No. A-2083 of 30.04.2015). In this case in the national accreditation system, the successor to the most of the previously existing systems of accreditation in Russia. Certificate of testing laboratory accreditation No.RA.RU.22MSH17 issued on December 24, 2015.

The test laboratory for certification of mining equipment as an accredited test laboratory performs the following types of measurements and tests while certifying of the mining equipment within the scope of accreditation:

  • Test of water sprinkling system (indexes of pressure and flow rate);
  • Test of hydraulics (indexes of pressure, temperature and leak resistance);
  • Test on general safety requirements;
  • Measurement of noise characteristics (infrasound, sound and ultrasound);
  • Measurement of vibration characteristics (total and local vibration);
  • Measurement of light transfer characteristics (light intensity, ultraviolet, pulse, etc.);
  • Measurement of ergonomic parameters of the workspace and operating controls;
  • Measurement of dust content in the workspace (including silicon dioxide content in coal and rock dust;
  • Microclimate measurement (indexes of temperature and atmospheric pressure, air humidity, air speed and air ionization);
  • Measurement of electric field intensity and magnetic field strength.

The test laboratory is equipped with over 100 units of modern measuring devices produced by domestic and foreign manufactures, approved type, equal to metrological parameters with the best world counterparts enabling both to carry out the tests themselves in accordance with the applied standardized and attested techniques of metering and control the realization conditions.

All the specialists of the test laboratory have completed their training and are licensed to carry out measurements and tests at the test laboratory. They also undergo the required advanced training at the stated time at the accredited and licensed educational institutions.

The system of quality management of the test laboratory has been integrated in the certified system of quality management of the plant according to international standard ISO 9001-2008 and meets the requirements of the systems of quality management of the testing and calibrating laboratories as per GOST ISО/MEK17025-2009 (ISO/IEC 17025: 2005) and the testing laboratory has been accredited in conformity with it.

The main goal and the ways of its implementation are specified in the Quality Regulations approved by the director general. Prevention of negative effects is provided by the plant order “On Provision of Self-Sufficiency, Objectivity and Impartiality in Making Decisions while Performance of Tests by the Testing Laboratory” and participation in testing of representatives of certification bodies.

Contact us:
Mitin Vladimir
Head of the testing laboratory of mining equipment
Tel./fax: 8(35139)9-29-23

Wind meter
Ecophysics meter along with constituent parts
Digital multimeter
Combined instrument
Air ion meter
Angular gage and sliding caliper
Dust suppression devices
IKVCH dust meter

Quality Management

On September 30, 2010 basing on external audit results the JSC “KMBP” was given a Certificate of Conformance for quality management system by the Ttuf-Cerf company of Germany. The previous certificate was issued just in 2006 and became invalid, since it had to be confirmed once in three years. The Certificate gives evidence of the fact that while carrying out the certification auditing the company has met the ISO 9001-2000 requirements in the following areas: design and manufacture of mining equipment, communal service equipment, making of forging and foundry blanks for machine-building industry.

Certification in accordance with ISO 9001 standard enables the Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant to work steadily at the international market. The control of this sort by external auditors and assessment of activity of the company makes it possible to reveal and eliminate the discrepancies in documentation, process organization, thereby stimulating the company to get on the more qualitative level. The potential buyers place rigid demands on commodities and services requesting primarily the needed documents confirming the quality of the procuratory products. The ISO 9001certificate gives testimony to the fact that JSC “KMBP” equipment is manufactured in accordance with the needed standards requirements and confirms its reliability, quality and long-life.

The needed attention had always been paid to the quality management. More than thirty years ago, at the end of 70s of the past century the complex system of product quality management KS UKP had been implemented which was successfully functioning at the plant up to 90s. The market relations introduced in our country offered the challenge to adapt to the new requirements of work, new conditions of life and to provide stable quality for output products as well as fulfillment of contract obligations. In May 1992 it was decided to develop the system of quality management which took into account the international standards’ requirements of ISO 9000 series, The system of quality developed on the basis of МS ISO 9001:1994 requirements had successfully been functioning and helped to retain the positions of the main Russian mining equipment manufacturer during the most difficult years of perestroika i.e. the restructuring of the economy.

When in 2000 the new version of ISO series international standards was issued which took into account the modern philosophy of quality, the new problems were allotted at the plant: marketing development, competitive recovery, cost reduction –An independent estimation of plant’s capability to perform customers’ requirements, technical regulations and regulatory documents were needed for that. By the end of 2005 the representatives of the TÜV International RUS TÜV Rheinland InterCert Certification Authority have carried out a certification auditing of the system of quality management and issued a Certification on implementation of management quality system at the JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant” in accordance with the MS ISO 9001: 2000 requirements. Recertification audits are carried out once in three years. The technical inspections are carried out annually by «TÜV-CERT» Company representatives.

The results of work of the plant for the last years have shown that the system of quality management has promoted to achieve an appreciable success in the production sphere and to implement a number of new projects. The following are the beneficial examples of development of the system of quality management: setting-up of service centers, development of new types of product, reconstruction of some manufacturing workshops, and introduction of “Inexpensive Production” concept in the system of quality management. . The technical reequipment of shop areas and manufacturing workshops of the plant, implementation of the new equipment has enabled to expand the range of products. Decrease of losses due to faulty work took place and our customers’ satisfaction has substantially increased – not a single claim has come to the plant for the last two years in spite of the fact that overall production of the mining equipment has increased.

The JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant” is regularly performing data acquisition and its analysis on conformance of our product to customers’ demands. The personnel of the Marketing and Sales Department is responsible for customers’ questionnaire survey and processing of its results. Besides, the monthly reports on mining equipment operation are drawn up. The information on our customers’ contentment is used as one of the input data constituents for the analyses on the part of the management and constant up-grade of the system of quality management. The program of the plant development is drawn on the basis of demands and requirements of the customers. Thus, in view of the above demands and requirements the company builds service centers located in the main coal-producing areas of Russia and implements measures on increase of operational life of the output products. Availability of the certificate conforming to ISO 9001 requirements makes up an image of a respectable , reliable partner for the JSC ”Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant”.