Tool Making Production

Toolmaker's shop is an important link in the system of timely provision of the manufacture with cutting and measuring tools, production tooling and load-handling devices.

The toolmaker’s shop consists of 6 workshops and services providing fitting-out procedure:
  • cutting shop area manufactures special and GOST tools for the machine-shops of the plant.
  • cutter’s shop area manufactures special and GOST cutters with plates made from high-cutting steel and hard alloy.
  • templet shop area makes special measuring instrument to provide checkout operations in machining and blanking workshops.
  • stamping shop area makes prints, fettles, core boxes, load-handling devices for blanking workshops of the plant;
  • press mould shop area makes fettles and moulds for making rubber technical goods and plastic products;
  • appliance shop area makes standpipes, various types of mandrels, cams for lathe chucks, hubs, appliances for assembly-welding, templets for marking, etc;
  • process team of the workshop deals with process engineering so as to make special tooling and gadgetry;
  • fitting-out team deals with timely provision of blank parts for working programs of the toolmaker’s shop.

Mould shop area
Cutting shop area
Die mold shop area
Gadget shop area
Die shop area