Blanking Production

Making of blanks made from sheet products, rolled section and profiled iron is done in a fabrication shop and in a cutting shop area of the forge shop.
The range of items of the shop is over 20 thousand parts. Making of blanks from sheet products is done using automation systems of pattern cutting by the program controlling thermal cutting machines.

There are two gas cutting machines:”RITM” and “PELLA” working with plates with thickness of 30 to 90 mm and тarrow-stream plasma cutting machine ASRB-2500 of BACH company using thickness of 3 to 25 mm. Pattern cutting up to 20 mm is done by guillotine scissors. Blank bending is done by a home-made hydraulic press and numerical control hydraulic press of VARIOPRESS 230-30 version by “EXT” company. Pipe blank bending is carried out by four-high circular-bending machine of FACCIN 4 HEL version of Italian manufacture.
Rolled section and profiled iron blanks (circle, pipes, channel, square, etc.) are made by “BEHRINGER” bandsaw machine providing rolled cutting up to 430 mm in diameter.

Welding Fabrication

To make blanks of box-type structure frames, etc. the semi-automatic welding, protective gas CO2 welding, short-circuited arc surfacing by a bronze wire, hand electric-arc welding are used in the welding fabrication. The weld materials - constructional carbon and alloyed steel

Availability of manufacturing and technologic facilities enables to make at the blank-welding site the welded constructions weighing up to10 tons and up to 15 m in size..

The welding-assembly fabrication is equipped with semi-automatic welders Weid Force KPS of “Kemppi” Finnish company, as well as with up-to date surfacing units – positioners.The hardening surfacing of Ø 80÷600 mm holes is carried out in reduction-gear housings by automatic surfacing units UM 80÷600, BM, UM 80÷500V in a mixture of gases.

The surfacing of stainless coating on hydraulic cylinder rods is done with the help of U-653 automatic unit by a flux cored wire under the flux layer of Ø 80÷100 mm.

Mechanical Working

Implementation of the technical upgrading program started in 2004 made it possible to create fabrication as much as possible oriented at highly productive output of products and the equipment, apparatus and software based on application of advanced technology.

For making of serrated parts the equipment enabling to work wedge items with a circular-arc tooth up to 17 mm module and horizontal wheels 2000 mm in diameter and 20 mm module is used.

The highly productive gear-grinding machines of European manufactures are used such as «Niles», «Reishauer» enabling to obtain 5-6 accuracy grades and issue a test record sheet for a fabricated part.

The modern boring machines are used for making of box-type product enabling to work parts up to 15 t weight with dimensions of 3000х1500х1400 mm, base-type milling machines for working of up to 12 t parts 4000х2000х1200 mm in size, as well as turning-and-boring machines processing the parts weighing up to 12 tons with maximum diameter of 2500 mm. The machining centers using the modern machinery enable to process reduction-gear housings for mining equipment by means of high-speed turning, milling cut, automatic threading with high degree of geometric accuracy and mutual bracing of surfaces.

The parts and associated parts of hydraulics are processed by highly productive equipment of famous European and Japanese companies. The actuating cylinder pipes 220 mm in diameter and up to 2 000 mm long are processed by a deep boring machine«Loch» BSR-2-30-2000 with Ra-0,1 мkm roughness parameter with rated capacity several times higher than in previously manufactured models. The high-pressure hoses pipe fittings are made with the help of numerical control automation manufactured by «Mori Seiki» Japanese company.

Machine Assembly Operations

The positioners for reducing gear assembly are used in the welding fabrication, as well as induction heat devices for bearing heating before assembly, torque wrenches for thread connection tightening with a certain torsion torque, presses for large-sized parts assembly.

The existing instrumentation complex provides to the full extent quality control of toothed parts making and assembly of mining equipment. It comprises the limit and universal measuring instrument, tools for objective control of toothed parts, control of reducing gears during tests, etc. The Chief Metrologist Division and Central Plant Laboratory are in charge of complex operational behavior.

The structure of the equipment, the applied instruments, the software enabled to create flexible production aimed at quality improvement and cost reduction of the final product.