JSC «Kopeysk Machine-Building plant» is the largest engineering company of the Russian Federation that designs and manufactures the mining equipment.

It is a unique company representing the complex of up-to date multifunctional manufacturing operations from steelmaking to assembling of the most complex composite constructions, having its own metallurgic base, energetic facilities, preparation and manufacturing workshops. The plant possesses the required engineering capacity and flexibility to design and produce complex machines autonomously.

The plant industrial structure consists of the following process stages:


1.  Blank production:

  • forge workshop;

  • foundry workshop;

  • heat-treatment workshop;

  • blanking and welding workshop.

2.  Machining Production:

  • four machining workshops.

3.  Assembly Production:

  • two machine assembly workshops.


  1. Tool Making and Pattern-Making.

  2. Mechanical Repair Department.

The plant is equipped with up-to date numerical control turning, lathe, mill, boring and grinder machines, CAD and CAM hardware fitted out with systems for designing, engineering and managing.

The high quality level of output product is based on flexibility of production, availability of adequate technological resources and high technologies.

Matching to the world quality level, JSC «Kopeysk Machine-Building plant» is trying to be variable-mission manufacturer so as to respond to customers’ demands, and the technical retooling program has been implemented since 2004 so as to steadily maintain high level of output product and to improve competitive ability at domestic and foreign markets.

The structure and special techniques of manufacturing as well as coordinated work of engineering-technological and manufacturing services of the plant provide output of customizable products. Required design and technological improvements are introduced in accordance with different operational conditions on site.

The qualified staff is capable to promptly develop new fields to the highest standard, as well as to master new types of product.

In terms of technology and engineering features the plant product is on a par with the best world samples.

JSC “Kopeysk Machine-Building plant” operates under the system of quality management (SQM). The SQM conformance to requirements of the ISO 9001 International Standard in design and production of mining equipment, communal services equipment, forging and foundry blanks for machine manufacturing industry was approved by the Certificate issued by TÜV CERT authority (Germany).


The SQM is mostly focused on the consumer, process approach mastering, data gathering and analysis. The system of management quality based on the principles of steady improvement is constantly refining.

The plant large production reserves may be efficiently employed in any areas of cooperation.