JSC "Kopeysk Machine-Building Plant"

24, Lenin Street, Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region, the Russian Federation, 456618

e-mail: kmz@kopemash.ru, website: www.kopemash.ru

phone number for enquiries: (35139) 9-29-09

operator: (35139) 9-29-43

reception room: (35139) 7-50-62

Semenov Viktor
CEO (Chief Executing Officer)
phone: (35139) 7-50-62

Sidorov Nikolay 
Chief Commercial Officer
phone: +(35139) 4-03-15 
e-mail: sidorov_ns@kopemash.ru 

Sales Department of Equipment for Coal and Ore Mining Industry
Kipelov Dmitry
Acting Head of Department
Tel. (35139) 4-03-34

Sales Department of Trenchers and Other Products 
Kadyshev Pavel
Head of Department
Tel .: (35139) 9-28-38 

Service Department 
Borodin Igor
Head of Department
Tel. (35139) 9-29-95