Engineering Workers Council

The youth organization “Engineering Workers Council” was set up at the plant in 2003; it promotes creation of favorable conditions for adaptation of young workers and for enhancement of youth status and its role in industrial and social life of the plant as the most important resource of JSC "KMBP" development. About 4000 persons are working at the plant today and out of them about 1300 are the young people at the age of up to 35 years. 

The governing body is the youth organization council headed by its chairman. The representatives of the Council are available in every workshop and division of the plant who are the organizers of the Engineering Workers Council work in their organization departments. The Engineering Workers Council has seven trends of work:
- adaptation of young specialists and young workers;
- bringing of the plant workers to the healthy life-style;
- panel games and the work with the sponsored schools;
- civil-patriotic education and social assistance of the young families;
- enhancement of creative effort of the youth, professional growth and young workers training;
- Cultural and leisure activities. 

Adaptation of young specialists and young workers

The first years of work have a significant effect on professional development of the young specialists because just this period of time is considered to be that "trial period" which will determine the positions of a specialist in further social and professional environment.
The Young Workers Council along with the personnel development and training division carry out sufficient work in this connection. Questionnaire survey of the young people who not long ago joined the plant is carried out every month. Then the findings are analyzed and the schedule of measures on solution of various problems to be faced by a young worker is compiled. In addition the young engineering workers have an opportunity to get the second profession in the form of in-service training in the Personnel Training Center.
Once in a quarter the youth work council chairman holds a meeting with just joined the plant workers at the age of up to 35 years telling them about youth organization activities.

Public Relations (PR)

The information about Young Engineering Workers Council is regularly published in corporate newspaper "Mining Engineering Worker" and in town mass media.
The charitable contributions in help of needy are carried out. The unique project "Help Children" was carried out in 2011. The plant people used to bring clothes, toys, development games and then the Young Engineering Workers Council activists delivered the collected things to several kindergartens of Kopeysk.
The PR activities are arranged – their prime object is creation of positive image of the youth organization. Great work is done along with the Public Youth Chamber of the Kopeysk urban district the members of which are several plant workers. Within the town the measures are carried out aimed at enhancement of social and political loyalty of the younger generation. Beyond that point the engineering workers take part in meetings, trainings and round tables conducted by the Russian Youth Association within the frame of "Laboring Youth" program.

Bringing to Healthy Life-style.

The sports activities are one of the most important constituents of the corporate culture. The sports measures on mini-football, basketball, tennis, field-and-track athletics, billiards and paintball are conducted so as to bring the youth to health life-style. Amicable team bouts between the youth and the veterans are conducted. The young engineering football squad was created at the plant which became a champion among the large industrial enterprises of the Chelyabinsk Region.

The young engineering workers annually participate in the First of May field-and-track relay race for a town newspaper "Kopeysk Worker" award. For several years the plant workers have been the winners in their subgroup.

Panel Games and the Work with the Sponsored Schools.

The plant panel games team "Kopemash" was created at the company in 2008. During four years the participants of the panel games team attained very high places:

2008-2010 – participants of the panel games intermediate league;

2009 – finalists, 3 place;

2010 – finalists, 2 place;

2011 – Open League finalists;

2011 – "Snowy Gills" festival participants

On the initiative of the team participants the "Panel Games School" was established in Kopeysk where the children can perceive the lessons from dramatic artistry and humorous skill free of charge. 
The plant panel games team "Kopemash" organizes numerous panel games festivals and the teams from the whole of the region take part in them. The plant workers are also special guests at every Kopeysk league panel game.
The work with the sponsored schools is carried out jointly with development and personnel training division. Today JSC "KMBP" cooperates with two town schools Nos. 42 and 48. The class hours, presentations, and actions are primarily aimed at creation of positive image for nonprofessional occupations at the industrial undertakings. From now forth it is planned to form contacts with the schools located within the township of the Kopeysk urban district.

Civil-patriotic Education and Social Assistance of the Young Families

First of all this trend is aimed at support of friendly relations between different generations of the JSC "KMBP". Serious attention is given to the plant workers’ children. For several years the holidays dedicated to the Day of Children Defense and Day of Knowledge (1 September) have become traditional.
Annually the Young Engineering Workers Council activists lay wreaths to the memorial plaque at the central clockhouse of the plant. Paramilitary contests dedicated to the 23 February are carried out.
For several years the sanitary- rescue brigade is functioning at the JSC "KMBP".  The shooting and paintball competitions are organized.

Enhancement of Creative Effort of the Youth. Professional Growth and Young Workers Training

Any undertaking is interested in young, talented and high potential staff which is supposed to be the plant support in the future.
But sometimes, several years are needed to get sight of the talent. In order to help young engineering workers to expose themselves, the Young Engineering Workers Council activists conduct scientific and technical conferences, professional skill contests ("Best young turner", "Best young electrician" "Best young manager", "Best young specialist").
Last year five best young specialists took part in the International Machine-Building Forum "Engineers of the future" which was held in Irkutsk and enclosed over 300 undertakings from all over the world.

Cultural and Leisure Activities.

The main task of the trend is creation of strong corporate culture among young engineering workers. Over a period of one year all wishing can go to the theatre, cinema, entertaining centers. Also various trainings, team-forming games, contests of engineering workers' creative work are carried out.
The most theoric are by right the contests "Miss JSC "KMBP" and "Come on, guys". Besides, the young machine builders constantly take part in town contests and festivals organized by the cultural committee of the Kopeysk urban district.

Our Achievements

The young engineering workers council is one of the most successfully developing youth organizations of the Kopeysk urban district and the only one enclosing the laboring youth. For several years the young engineering workers council activists have been the members of the Public Youth Chamber of the Kopeysk urban district. In addition the young machine builders actively participate in actions conducted by the Russian Youth Association within the frame of "Laboring Youth" program.

Achievements of the Young Engineering Workers Council's Team:

-" The most advanced youth team among industrial undertakings of the Chelyabinsk Region within the frame of "Laboring Youth" program 2008.
- "The Best Team of the "Laboring Youth" program 2009;
- Paintball Champions among the large industrial undertakings of the Chelyabinsk Region 2011;
- Mini-football champions among the large industrial undertakings of the Chelyabinsk Region 2011;
- bowling championship bronze prizewinners among the large industrial undertakings of the Chelyabinsk Region 2011;
- bronze prizewinners of the panel games industrial league 2009;
- vice-champions of the panel games industrial league 2010;
- panel games open league finalists 2011;
- participants of the All-Russian panel games festival "Snowy Gills 2011"