Information about the Training Center

The training center of JSC "Kopeysk Machine-Building plant" was founded in September 19, 1942.

The license for educational activity №11888 dated 12.11.2015


The training center was founded in September 19, 1942. It is engaged in training, retraining and advanced training of workers and specialists.

The personal of the training center carries out theoretical training, industrial training at the workplace in workshops.

The training center has a good educational base:

  • 3 study rooms equipped with automatized working places for teachers, teaching aids, stands, working model of the crane;

  • computer class for 10 people,

  • administrative rooms equipped with teaching aids and library.

The training center is not only bright, spacious rooms with learning aids, but, above all, it is represented by the qualified and concerned team of teachers. The team consists of the company specialists, university-educated and experienced in teaching. Highly skilled workers of the enterprise educate the future employees. Professionalism and creativity allow them to achieve excellent results in training.

Upon completion of training and subsequent to the result of the qualifying examination the trainees are given a certificate issued in the established standard form.

The training center provides the following activities:

  1. Professional training, retraining and advanced training by professions:
    • Casting;

    • Welding;

    • Cold-stamping, wire-drawing, stretch forming and working in boilers;

    • Forging and thermal work;

    • Machining of metal and other materials;

    • Mechanical and assembly works;

    • General professions for all sectors of the national economy.

  2. Pre-training of specialists in areas of ecological, technological and nuclear regulation under OLIMPOKS programs (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision tests):
    • General industrial safety requirements;

    • Equipment operating under pressure;

    • Lifting constructions.

  3. Training of workers to authorize for work at dangerous industrial objects:

  • Maintenance of vessels under pressure;

  • Maintenance and repair of lifting equipment;

  • Maintenance of gas equipment.