The KP150 road heading machine became the laureate of the regional competition “20 best products of the Chelyabinsk region”.

Kopeysk machine-building plant presented the KP150 roadheader to the regional commission in the nomination “Industrial and Technology Products”.

The KP150 machine appeared in the product line of our company in 2016. It is developed on the basis of years of experience in operating of an acknowledged leader in mining - the KP21 machine. The roadheader can be used in the construction of underground structures, in mines and collieries, including gas and dust hazardous ones, as well as those with sudden outbursts of rock, coal and gas. This machine compares favorably with its predecessors and with similar types of equipment produced by other manufacturers in the number of technical parameters that ensure the efficiency and safety of operation.

The regional commission unanimously decided to award the roadheader produced by Kopeysk machine-building plant the title of laureate of the competition because the products produced by the company are high-quality and competitive products that are known not only in Russia but also abroad.

KP150 is the result of technical skills and teamwork. KP150 is worthy to be in the hundred best products of Russia!

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